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Cooperation and exchange
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The College attaches great importance to international academic exchange and cooperation, and has established cooperative relations with the United States North Carolina State University, University Karlsruhe in Germany, the German Technische Universität Clausthal, University of Kansas, Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal, etc. Distinguished foreign academician of the Russian academy of sciences professor Wittmann, Hong Kong university of science and technology professor Li Zongjin, the German University Karlsruhe professor Lawes, Australia Curtin University professor Haohong as our part-time teachers, guest professor, advisor for our school. For nearly three years, we has sending 15 people travel to the United States, Britain, Germany, Singapore, Australia and other countries well-known university visiting scholar work, teachers with overseas academic background in more than 20%, at the same time invited from the United States, Germany, Britain, Italy, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong famous experts lecture 42 people, hosting the international conference 8 times; Inviting German students to short-term exchange 22 people, organization 19 students to come to Germany to visit learning, 10 students learning communication in Taiwan, Malaysia. 1 joint training German masters, receiving Iranian 1 doctoral student, and 1 master's student.

In 2015, with the German University Karlsruhe joint declaration Coastal Structure Security and the Durability Research project successfully approved national study in fund management committee 2016 Innovation Personnel Training Project of International Cooperation, by Shandong provincial colleges and universities for the first time to receive the funded projects, for our good teachers and students to study Dr Partner schools for (after) degree and a visiting scholar research collaboration is creating new opportunities; With German Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal in civil engineering, materials science and engineering 2016 Undergraduate Students of International Communication Project won the support of national scholarship fund management committee, which means excellent undergraduate student can go to cooperation schools in German to study or practice with the help of this fund after grade two, which can receive the international learning and practicing experience and promote international talents training in a large part. In 2016, the internatonal cooperation project with KU on recruiting bachelor students in civil engineering was approved by the Ministry of Education of Chinabeginning in 2017 enrollment.

The Advanced Civil Engineering Material Collaborative Innovation Center, as the first 2011 Plan collaborative innovation center that QUT participate in its establishment, set up in the Jiulonghu Campus of Southeast University. Prof. Tiejun Zhao and Prof. Wittmann are the members of the strategic committee and the advisory committee of the center respectively and Prof. Zuquan Jin take over the center construction as an important member. Since from 2012, based on the purpose of communication, innovation, cooperation and co-win, QUT and Qingdao Construction Co,. Ltd. have already jointly held three times of university- enterprise collaborative innovation seminars, indicating that the collaborative innovation in Civil Engineering Discipline has already become normalized. In May 2013, the School of Civil Engineering successfully established the Construction and Security of Collaborative Innovation Center for Marine Economic Zone of Universities of Shandong Province by the cooperation with the government and other universities; In March 2014, the center organized a working conference  to establish rules in management and scientific rewarding rules and discuss significant research problems; In Journal 2015, the Academician (expert) Lecture Plan of the center started, and Prof. Nie  Jianguo  (munber of Chinese Academy of Engineering) was invited to ptrdrnt academic report. In 2016, as the "Base of National Innovation Enginnering" on concrete technology at marine environment, "111 Project" was approved and started-up .





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